Saturday, January 31, 2015

#7 Mission

Wow, what a week. I am really not sure exactly what to write about it, so this will just have a few quick thoughts.

But first, people are asking for my address and here it is:

Hermana Alyssa Joy Brown
Urb. Jardines de Caparra
Bayamon, PR 00959

All mail should go to the mission home. (:

A little about Puerto Rico:
-They say bien in front of every single work. Including Ella es bien mala. I do not understand it and pease stop me from this habit when I come home if I have it.
-The road are a little crazy, like how the stoplights go off after noon. Then I remember the DR and it isn't bad at all.
-The food is delicious and the whole island is so beautiful.
-Dirt magically appears everywhere. Knowing this, I'm not sure why all people have white tile floors. haha
-Just like most hispanic cultures, Puerto Ricans are pretty blunt. My companion's past comp was really skinny, so that change is usually the first things they say when they meet me. (; haha

I can hardly believe that I'm here. Remember how I've been waiting my whole life to be here and now I am! How awesome.

Also, Preach my Gospel is pretty much the coolest book ever, second to the Book of Mormon. In all seriousness, everytime I am try to thing of how to improve in something in the work or otherwise I read a part of preach my gospel that adresses it. Advice for those prepping for missions: KNOW IT AND LOVE IT. Seriously. I could send a whole email about PMG.

Okay, so I don't have lots of time so I just want to say this:

I totally loveeee contacting. We have 3 new investigators this week! So awesome.
Also, I am finding ways to use my talents to help people. One of our families (less active mom with non-member kids) would hardly let us in before, but now we have two scheduled appointments a week as I help their son to do math. Also, it's nice that people want to learn english-- that's something I can do.

It is humbling to know these people and hear their testimonies, especially those of less active members. Reach outside yourself, whether you have an assignment or not. We need to be looking out for our ward families more.

I love you all and I have been so blessed by this gospel. The gospel is restored, it is on the work, and I get the chance to help others come to know it. This is miraculous and wonderful. God is so good and so merciful. He lives. He knows and loves you. Christ is our Savior. His help is there for you, reach out for it.

Love you mucho,
Hermana Brown

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