Thursday, January 1, 2015

#2 mission 

I can't believe that this is only week 2 guys! It feels like it's been so much longer, but in a good way. In a way that means I'm really adjusted to this lifestyle and I am loving being a missionary! Things are going well here. I feel like I should try to think of stories to tell you all, but I'll try to think about that while I share more about the DR CCM because appearently that is more the most FAQ about  my mission.
K the  breakdown (I'll try not to repeat stuff from last week....)
The CCM is on the grounds of the Santo Domingo Temple (literally, I can see it and the ocean from the window in our bedroom). The CCM is technically only the 4th floor of this building, the rest of it acts as apartments for those serving temple missions and as hotel rooms for those who come to visit the temple. (Please note that the temple services all the islands in the carribean, so people come from far and wide, not to mention that most people have to go wayyy out of the way to get to the island even if they live on an island very close because they're aren't lots of direct flights). Needless to say, we get to meet a lot of really cool people. Also, the weather is perfect so I love to go outside and study while I look at the temple. The food is fabulous and very Dominican. Lots of rice, beans, bananas, and meat. We have dessert for breakfast a lot, and I am pretty much always full. It is awesome. We have breakfast in the morning followed by personal study. Classes all morning until Lunch. Then class until physical activity (usually frisbee or volleyball) and then class until planning, family prayer, and bed. For each block of classes we have one teacher. I may be biased, but I think mine are the best in the CCM. I'll defintiely have to take picture with them before I leave and I want to keep in touch with them furing and after my mission. We teach TRC once a week (which is almost like visiting teaching the way it is done here) and the have progressing investigator lessons within the class time. Please ask specific questions because I already don't know what else to write about it.... I just love it here. Definitely going to have to come back after my mission.
We found what we thought was a lime tree behind the CCM, then we found out that it was a bunch of unripened oranges. They smell amazing! For serious.

Other fun fact: I've been teaching one of my teachers how to sing! It is very fun! He sang for our class the other day and it was totally awesome.
Another fun fact that will suprise no one from the 258th ward: everyone here says that I'm like a mom. ... of course. I can't help that I expect everyone to be their best. Also, they all totally love it and they don't try to deny it. They just like to tease me about it but then they are grateful when I remind them about things.
The other disctricts left and new groups came today so we are already the oldest at the CCM. It's a crazy thing that I can hardly believe. We taught them the most important spanish words to know at the CCM so maybe I'll share that with you. (There are words that Dominicans use alllllllll the time, so our teachers say them a lot):
Entonces -well, so, then,., etc (seriously... all the time when they don't know what to say)
Claro! - of course (I wish you could hear the way that I say that in my head)
Chiste! -joke! (this is the Elders favorite words, when they get in trouble for anything) hahaha (nothing to serious of course, they are all so good).
OH MI MADRE! (this is their Oh my goodness phrase) (Please note that it is not allowed to ever say a your mom joke to them after they say this, one of the other Hermanas found that out the hard way haha)
And that's pretty much it. If you know those phrases you are pretty much ready for the field! Just kidding, but they deinfitely make your first days easier.
I am having a super fun time getting to know my district and getting to know everyone better. We have our own jokes (most of them are of Tongan Origin from Elder Alatini) and we already have plans to meet up when everyone gets back home (one of the Elders works for Disney (; ).  Seriously though, God defintitely put me at the CCM at this time with a purpose. I've already learned so much and I feel so blessed by the experiences that I've had.
So know, how is everyone at home!?
Much Love,
Hermana Marron
(There are two Hermana Browns, so I get the spanish name)
Pictures-- my district and the other district that got here at the same time as us. i loveeee all of them.

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