Saturday, January 31, 2015

#5 Mission

Guess what! This is my last P-Day in the MTC! I leave to Puerto Rico on Tuesday, and I am super sad to leave, but beyond excited to get out in the field! Things here are going very well and I am so greatful for all the blessings and tender mercies I've gotten to experience here. So awesome. Soo sooo awesome. I wish I could just sit down and tell you guys all the things I love about all the people here, from my district, to the leaders, to the cooks, to the cleaning staff, to all the other missionaries, to my teachers, to all the other teachers, to the security staff, to all the temple workings and senior missionaries I have been beyond blessed with wonderful people in my life.
I thought I would go ahead and share some moments with you guys from this past week!
Last Friday I got to go out into the field on splits with some missionaries in Santo Domingo. I was acutally in a triple since we have a tripanionship and we were splitting two companionships, but they put me with the 2 native speakers so that was pretty fun! All of the people we taught would roll their eyes because I'm a gringa, but after I sang an opening hymn and said the opening prayer they all pretty well realized that I can speak pretty good spanish. haha It was a really sweet day. It was awesome to testify to real people about how the gospel can bless your life and it was awesome to get back to the CCM and see the difference between the rest of the world and the temple grounds. So cool and so awesome to hear about all the elder's experiences.
Saturday was a pretty fun day. While playing a game during grammar, my companion "accidentally" hit one of the elder's in the face and gave him a bloody nose. Okay, so it actually was a 100% accident, but it was also just so hilarious. Also I finished TALL the computer language stuff so I'm pretty much fluent now! ahha, just kidding, but really, I'm getting pretty good. I'm not fast enough typing in spanish to make it worth proving it to  you (and I want you to understand), but maybe someday. Seriously though, gift of tongues is real and as usual, God is so good and blesses me so much. Also, I've been helping one of my teachers learn English since I'm done with the spanish work, so that is fun (:
Random note about how proud of the Elder's in my district I am. This week during computer time we reminded them that we aren't supposed to use headphones to listen to music (whitehandbook), so even though we use the headphones for TALL they stopped listening to the music (like, seriously, they have embraced exact obedience and I am so proud), but even better one of them talked to one of the Sister's and when she commented on how silly the rules can be, he testified to her of exact obedience. Alos, his companion's camera was stolen this week by a man who got hired to do some maintenance work. They found the guy, and gave him the option to call the police, but he said no and then began to testifty to the man about the gospel and Christ's mercy invited him to change and told him about how much the gospel had blessed his life and could bless the other man's life as well. All in spanish. Seriously, the elder gets it. Talk about learning attributes of Christ.So powerful and this from an 18 year old kid. That is the power of the gospel, this priesthood, and this calling.
Other things to say about this week.... I'm not sure. It's weird to know that my time here is coming to an end. So crazy.
I had an exit interview with President to me and he counseled me to find out from the Lord what kind of missionary He wants me to become, so that I can become that missionary as soon as I get into the field and then help others to be that missionary as well. As I pondered and studied about what that missionary is like, I had a thought to get a blessing. Note: I just got a blessing last week, so I shrugged it off. Last night I was talking to my companions and they were like, Okay Hermana Brown, what's going on, you are barely even talking! (obv, I haven't changed much I guess I still never shut up here! (; ) Anyway, we talked talking about how I'd been pondering on that I they helped me feel better about the idea of asking for a blessing but made it clear that it was my choice. I decided to get a blessing, but we were late, so I didn't tell them. Then we went to family prayer, and of course, on my night to play the piano, the music just touched me and I was just bawling in front of everyone while we sang. But in that moment I knew I needed to just humble myself and ask for a blessing, and the fact that the Lord let me know that, after I had already decided it was a good idea, was just a comfort and a tender mercy. The blessing was awesome, it confirmed the thoughts that I had been having and gave me more to consider. Seriously, the power of the priesthood is undeniable.
I love you all and I hope you know how much the gospel can bless your life. Embrace the love of Christ. He loves you and reaches out to you continually. Let Him into your life. I know that the power of the priesthood is real. I know that God is our loving Heavenly Father and that He is very much aware of each of us and it is such an aweomse blessing.
The next time you will hear from me I'll be in Puerto Rico! I would not change the experiences I've had the past 6 weeks for the word, and I know that more great things are coming! I love you all and I hope that if you have any promptings, impressions, or good thoughts this week, that you'll think about me and then act on them. I know that acting on the thought to get a blessing has been a huge blessing for me and I know that you'll recieve blessings as you follow the spirit.
Love you all!
Hermana MarrĂ³n

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