Thursday, January 1, 2015

#3 Mission

They tell us that it is week 4, but I think that they count the first 2 days as a week...
Also, starting this email off by saying that someone has messed with the keys on this computer and I{m not going to bother correcting all the symbols that are going to come out wrong...
Anyway! ¡Feliz Navidad! I hope everyone had a merry christmas looking forward to a happy new year!
I{m trying to think of the highlights to write you about.
Here we go...
I got a new companion! Her name is Hermana Ah Quin. Hermana Brown went home this week which was very sad, however, we are glad to have her in our companionship. She is the best, for serious. Also, both of my companions and multiple people I know here are from Utah. This is no suprise, but it is totally awesome that I{ll get to see them when I get home from my mission! I already love them all. Please note that Hermana Fielding is still also a companion, we are in a trio.
We went contacting and teaching at  the university! That was super cool! Graduation was happening, so there were lots of people around even though its a semester break. We all had really cool experiences sharing the gospel. The first person we talked to was named Jeyzon. He was really nice even though my spanish was pretty sloppy, we were about to talk to him about the Restoration. He was very interested so we sat on a bench and taught him the story of the first vision and about the Book of Mormon. He gave us his information so that other missionaries could continue to teach him. It was totally awesome. Then we met a man sitting outside a building eating snacks. He told us that he had heard of our church but had never come and didn{t know a lot about what we believe. We taught him the story of the restoration and he too decided to take lessons from the missionaries. We continued contacting and just talking to different people. When we had about 20 minutes left we set a goal to get information for 3 more people to want to learn the lessons and we wanted to talk to 8. We knew it was a lofty goal, but we went for it. As soon as we started walking down the road these men started yelling out to us to come over to talk to them. When we walked over I recognized Starlin, who we had taught outside the building that day. He said he wanted us to teach his friend the message that we had taught him. By the time we walked over to a bench there were about 4 people listening. By the end of the lesson there were between 12 and 15 friends all gathered together to hear our message. It was seriously awesome. Heavenly Father is aware of us and He wants us to know the truth. If you are reading this and don{t know the story of the Restoration of the Gospel, please email me and I will be happy to get you more information about it!
A new district got here this week from North America as well as a District from Haiti! They are all wonderful! It is such a blessing to have them here with us!
Also, I got sick this week, but I am totally fine again. It was some random 24 hour bug. I didn{t even miss class... well not much. =)
Obviously being sick didn{t kill my appetite off though. On Christmas I ate just as many pieces of pizza as the Tongan in my district, Elder Alatini. It was monstly just to keep him humble. Don{t worry mom, here everyone thinks its cool to hold down 6 slices of pizza easy. Best of all, it was Papa Johns! It made me feel right at home!
As you all know I also spent Christmas Eve and Christmas here. It has defintitely been a wonderful and special time. We spend the past two days focused on the Savior and living after his manner aka Service. It was definitely an unforgettable Christmas. They did so many sweet things and had so many awesome suprises lined up for us, such as the Papa John{s for dinner, but I honestly don{t have time to write about them. One nice things was that on Christmas Eve we walked around the temple alternating singing hymns and reading scriptural accounts of Christs birth. It was just like being home in Grandpa{s living room.
I am so grateful to be here at this time. I know that I am called of God to do His work. I know that He is mindful of me and each of you. I know that the truth has been restored to the earth and that Heavenly Father wants us to partake of the joys of the gospel. He is so good to us that He sent us His perfect son, Jesus Christ, who lived and died for us, that we might live with the Father again. He is why we celebrate Christmas, and this is who I will celebrate every day on my mission.
Love, Hermana Marron

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