Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome to the New Year.

Well hey there internet! Welcome to 2014! Here in the house of Brown things are going well. Well, they're going well for me because today mom made pumpkin squares which I craved all fall at school. Everyone else around here is feeling pretty crumby, and by crumby I mean pukey. Gross. Side note: Dad's favorite joke concerning this is that it brings new meaning to the phrase, "Out with the old."

Anyway, I do have a few goals that I have decided to set, for this new year, and some, for the rest of my life. I know several people who are opposed to this and follow the, "My resolution is to not set any resolutions" route. I am not an anti-resolutionist because I set goals all the time, so why not set some for a substantial measurable time period? I love setting goals and I see no reason why the fact that we should set goals all year long should dismiss setting aside some time to do this especially. This is similar to my feelings on expressing love at Valentine's Day or giving Thanks on Thanksgiving. Yes, I do strive to do these things all year round, no I don't feel like there's anything wrong with making a focused effort one day of the year, especially to make sure I have done so more completely.

You didn't ask for my opinions on people who are anti-holiday-ists, but you just got them, so there. (;

Anyway, my resolutions (which I set about a week ago in preparation for the new year) are pretty great (I think). I have plans developed to make them practical, and even if I fail or my priorities change, I am excited to see how much I will improve this year.

oh and side note: my goal for this year first and foremost is to go on a mission. During that time some of these goals will not be do-able and some will be even easier when I am gone, but they are all set with the intent of making myself the best person that I can be in the meantime.

Be Healthier
 (Eat Better)
Be More Artistic
Get More Sleep
Develop Talents
Magnify Callings
Be an A-student
Prepare to Serve a Mission
Grow in Love and Compassion
Strengthen Testimony of the Gospel
Keep a Journal
Increase Organization

These are all pretty general, but each has 3 specific focuses that I've outlined for myself for more quantifiable, but reasonable goal setting.

Be Healthier:
-Be able to run 10 miles without a break.
-Be more capable or making and enjoying healthy budget friendly cuisine.
-Have a healthy, consistent, keep-able system

Get More Sleep
Weeknights: Bed by 11 without purpose
Friday: No Defined Rule
Saturdays: Bed by Midnight
Sundays: Bed by 11 no exception

Develop Talents:
Write 1 Song/Month
Practice Piano again (1 Hymn/Month)
Record 1 Song a Month (Original or other)
Sketch Journal (at least 1/wk)
More Consistent Photography
(Edit & Post photos every 3 weeks)
Cook one new recipe at least every 2 weeks
Keep a daily Journal
Write on Blog Once/Week
Write something inventive each week:
Challenge: Share Work with others! 

Magnify Callings: These I won't really post, but I can tell you my callings!
RS Chorister
HE Group Leader
Visiting Teacher

Be an A-Student
Complete Homework in Advance
Take Better Notes:

Prepare to Serve a Mission
Study Preach my Gospel (Ponder on best preparation for call)
Audit Mission Prep Classes
Take Notes in Church Meetings

Grow in Love and Compassion
Do a small act of service each day
Express Gratitude to Others more openly
Learn to Love myself more

Strengthen Testimony of the Gospel
Improve Personal Study
Say Morning and Evening Prayers
Pay Tithing By the Paycheck

Keep a Journal
Write Daily
Include Feeling as well as function
Record things I am sincerely grateful for each day
**No page minimum or limit**

Increase Organization
Make Daily and Weekly Schedules (Keep Planner)
Clean Room/Do Laundry: once a week
Organize Room to be more user friendly/effective

So there you have it! We'll see how I do! Some are definitely higher priorities than others, but overall, I know just having these goals in mind will help me to become more like the person that I want to be.

Cheers to your new year! :D