Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dear me,

So I had this idea, Abd I think it will be super fun! I've decided that on shear from now I'm going to make a time capsule and starting today everyday I'm going to write myself a letter, I don't know what they'll say, and it doesn't matter, it will be whatever I want! And then hopefully a few photos and items mixed in to keep it real(: bt yeah, I'm still trying to decide when i want to open it, maybe when I get married or graduate college? Or perhaps when my first child turns 16 so I can remember what it's like to be a teenager. Regardless, it will be super interesting! (:

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Today's Checklist:

-Wake up too late to go to seminary?- check
^this was a blessing in disguise though, i never would have made it through today without that time...
-Find a ride?- check
^Nikolai is the best. like for real.
-Go to school? -check
-do all my homework during lunch because i was busy helping the needy last night -check
^Notice my justification? (; haha
-go to SCA and do everything to finish getting ready for all that is homecoming? -check
-come home and apply for scholarships? -check
-grab a quick bite to eat, and talk to grandpa for about five minutes since he stopped by?-check
-Go to a presidency meeting for Church? -check
^a veryyy productive one, might i add.
-make cookies for the temple trip tomorrow? -check
^2 types & Rice Krispies!
^also, while they bakes I trained sister reed's dog to let me ride him as a horse (:
-come home and write an easy for a scholarship?- check
-do my homework? ........... ... ... ... .. .. .. . ..

yeahhh, i've still got a few things to put on my list.
let's just say more than my clothes may be wacky for spirit day tomorrow.
and no one should judge me if i laugh at stupid things
...or respond really late. These are side effects of a sleep deprived Alyssa... which i will be.

Now time to stop procrastinating and:
-write an essay in character as a citizen of Salem
-annotate a chapter of Ratvitch
-do math book work
-do more math bookwork
-do my history homework... on things we haven't learned.
-finish the half-time show script because some people finally decided to turn in their forms.
-find my outfit for Wacky Wednesday
-find everything I need to go to the temple
sound like funnn? lesgo!
GOAL BEDTIME: 1:00 am!
...i am so optimistic :D

Monday, October 31, 2011

Where will I live in college?

Most of you that know me think of me as Alyssa Joy or Sunshine, the girl who is always happy and smiling! While this is true a not-so well known fact about me is that I am a HUGE worry wart. I always want to have a plan and know what I'm doing before it gets too late.

Just ask my mom.. I started looking up scholarships and how to get into college in the 4th grade. Sometimes, I look back and think, "what was I thinking?" Let me tell you guys, there are not that many scholarships avaliable for fourth graders, at least, not many I could fine. The point is, ever since I was young I knew that I would be the one paying for my education, and I have a good amount saved up between lifeguarding, babysitting, and tutoring, but college is expensive (in case you haven't heard) and with college comes all sorts of things: books, food, clothes, room and board... the list could go on forever. When they give us those awful lectures in school about preparing now and how if we don't act soon it will be too late, I start really worrying ALL OVER AGAIN.

Recently something that's been on my mind is: Where will I live during college?
I don't fancy the idea of living alone,but I think not living in a house with 11 people might (just maybe) be a nice break, so I'm always trying to figure out how where I live will affect things at college.

Recently, I found a site called, if you need a place to live I highly recommend it. Their sight is easy to use and very informative. Anyways, I found out about a scholarship they are running and thought it would be a good oppurtuinity to reseach apartments around BYU (where I've been planning to go since way before 4th grade, haha).

The apartment I found was located under the "Y," (a spot I plan on hiking to when I visit in April!), and is called the Lookout Pointe Apartment Community! It appealed to me for many reasons, and I'll share them with you! (With pictures so you don't get to bored... if you aren't already [; )

1) I love that one side of the building faces the city and the other faces the mountains.
Mountain View-photo coutesty of

City View-Photo Courtesy of

Wether I want to be social or enjoy a nice quiet break from student life I will have either option within walking distance from my apartment. Win/Win? I think yes.

2) I love the location of the complex.
This map shows the location of both the complex and BYU

The complex is far enough to be more peaceful than campus life, but close enough that I can be involved in all the activites and getting to school will not be a hassle.

3) I love how welcoming the space looks!

Image Courtesy-

image courtesy

When I begin to attend BYU I will have family that is attending and family that lives nearby and I would be happy to welcome them into my own space, especially if it looks as nice as this complex!

So anyways, writing this post has made me so excited for college! I know highschool is a meaningful time full of trails and experiences, but once college starts, the real party can begin!

**For more info check out: **

Sunday, October 16, 2011


im a junior? whattt? haha
i havent blogged since school started how silly am i
i swear i will get back to i, but i have about 23080809382509 things i am currently procrasting. so yeah

this post is pointless. haha

Monday, August 15, 2011

Oh no.

today is august 15th, aka summer is goneeee! ahhhh.
i have troub camp all week.
then it will be rushtime to get in my last few work hours and to get summer assignments done.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The only way to be alone in a houseful of people,

is to wake up first.
but i'd rather be asleep!

However, i can officially say that i've started summer assignments for all my classes, except math, which i will be starting today.

I can say that I've searched and applied for scholarships.

and i can say that i played a major role in WATERWORKS winning the SPIRIT AWARD! for lifeguard Olympics. (:

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 3

Body of Smart Mind of Strength is the fitness program I have created and am participating in for the month of August as my individual worth program! Im watching what I eat and trying to get more excersize, as well as getting ready for school and doing what I can to get my mind active!

I have been looking at scholarships. I'm about to rock some of these. However, first I should probably do my summer assignments... peace. (:

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Crazy Friday Night Parties.

Last night, i went to a party. we played manhunt. This is basically glorified hide and go seek. Mormons are so cool. haha. im glad i have such good friends that can make fun out of jsut about anything. (:

Today is July 30th, this basically means sumemr is kinda already over :/
August always flies by, and thats when all I do is work! This year I actaully have plans, which means it will go even faster! ahhhhh!

I am so NOT ready to go back to school. Forget summer assignments, forget school supplies, I mean mentally I will be in summer mode for a long time, and I love summer and I don't want to go back. Also, there is the fact that next summer i will be a senior. WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN!? holy crap.

However, my goal is not to worry about it and to enjoy the ride (:

Monday, July 25, 2011

Why our family is so weird...

I know many have pondered this question, and well the answer has come from my neighbor across the streets friend. (he actually said this awhile ago, but i was just thinking about it...)

"That family is so weird, they do everything together, it's like they actually like each other."

well there you have it, the truth comes out. In today's world, loving your family and actually wanting to spend time with them is a little weird. well, actually, make that a lot weird. haha. Despite all the craziness that goes on, i love my family and i wouldn't give them up for anything.

I found myself thinking about this today because I've had the opportunity to spend time with both of my brothers today. I love my brothers. They are both annoying at times, but the times that they bother me become less and less frequent as i realize more and more that they are just too cool. I've always been one of those girls that likes having guys friends a lot more than girl friends. Boys are in general way more cool, calm, and I just get along with them better overall. Don't get me wrong, I love my sisters, but having an older brother is totally different than having and an older sister, and the same with younger siblings. I'm glad I have them both and that I have the chance to spend time with them.

Today, like many days i worked with ben. This is always a pleasure, as we both make work more fun for each other. Also, there is no way that Jessica would ever run home from work with me in the rain just because it would make for better bonding than getting a ride with our friends. Thats just not our relationship, but Ben and I did it, and then we came home, showered, and went to Moe's for Moe Monday. I love that guy. Afterwords Mom took Gabe and I to get glasses, and we had too much fun making each other trying on ridiculous pairs and then we got matching frames. While elena (who was dropped off later) chose her frames, we went on an adventure in BJs, and had a grand old time. There aren't many 13 year old brothers that can get along with their 16 year old sisters, so i'm glad i "got stuck" with him.

As i was going home i realized it was 8:00 and I hadn't gotten anytime to myself yet, but then I realized I got time with them instead, and it was totally worth it.

I love my brothers, and I always will.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's been too long...

I haven't been around for quite sometime, with girls camp, new York, and youth conference ive been out and about, but soon all will be well:D
Yesterday was a great day! I went to see Harry potter with family and friends... Then went bk for lunch, and then I had a chill day at work!(:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Brand New Day

Man, summer days pass way too quickly for my liking! What is up with that?
On Tuesday, I spent the day cooking and cleaning for the missionaries and we had an amazing meal!
I will post the pictures and recipes sometime when my mom finds my iPod cord and my iPod isn't dead -___-

anywaysss, after dinner i went to graffy's house and we had a summer solstice party which was super fun (:
I got home at 12:30 and got to sleep around 2, 
this kinda sucked because wednesday began with an 8:30 shift at work...
can you say BLOWN? haha but it was alright, work was busy, but i had no saves. yayy.
Then i got home and made dinner again because Ben forgot to make some, silly boy.

Today will be another full but awesome day, i have work at 10:30 
then at 3 when i get off I will be hurrying home for a temple trip (:
awesome day yes? yes sirr, i can't wait :D to go finish cleaning the kitchen..... haha.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Starting Today...

Alrighty, well.  I started a new blog because I don't like posting on one that's been out of touch for a long period of time, and because I would try to post on that one, the post would fail and then my post would be gone, blahblahblah, frustration=new blog time! ...not that I'm complaining. My blog needed some serious revamping and so does my life. This summer I'm working on improving myself: going to the gym, healthy habits, reading more, getting summer assignments done ahead of time, stopping procrastinating, trying new things, making things,  the list goes on. I'm off to a great start though!

Today I got up and did personal study, ate a small bowl of cereal, trimmed the front hedges, ate a small bowl of oatmeal, got ready and went to work, came home after a couple of hours because no patrons showed up, ate a pb&j sandwich, finished the last bit of the hedges, and started the blog. I'm about to go shower, and then I'll probably work on my room or something, get groceries, and then have family night (maybe throw in some gym time?). Tomorrow, I am in charge of dinner for the missionaries and I will post pictures for sure (: