Saturday, July 30, 2011

Crazy Friday Night Parties.

Last night, i went to a party. we played manhunt. This is basically glorified hide and go seek. Mormons are so cool. haha. im glad i have such good friends that can make fun out of jsut about anything. (:

Today is July 30th, this basically means sumemr is kinda already over :/
August always flies by, and thats when all I do is work! This year I actaully have plans, which means it will go even faster! ahhhhh!

I am so NOT ready to go back to school. Forget summer assignments, forget school supplies, I mean mentally I will be in summer mode for a long time, and I love summer and I don't want to go back. Also, there is the fact that next summer i will be a senior. WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN!? holy crap.

However, my goal is not to worry about it and to enjoy the ride (:

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