Monday, July 25, 2011

Why our family is so weird...

I know many have pondered this question, and well the answer has come from my neighbor across the streets friend. (he actually said this awhile ago, but i was just thinking about it...)

"That family is so weird, they do everything together, it's like they actually like each other."

well there you have it, the truth comes out. In today's world, loving your family and actually wanting to spend time with them is a little weird. well, actually, make that a lot weird. haha. Despite all the craziness that goes on, i love my family and i wouldn't give them up for anything.

I found myself thinking about this today because I've had the opportunity to spend time with both of my brothers today. I love my brothers. They are both annoying at times, but the times that they bother me become less and less frequent as i realize more and more that they are just too cool. I've always been one of those girls that likes having guys friends a lot more than girl friends. Boys are in general way more cool, calm, and I just get along with them better overall. Don't get me wrong, I love my sisters, but having an older brother is totally different than having and an older sister, and the same with younger siblings. I'm glad I have them both and that I have the chance to spend time with them.

Today, like many days i worked with ben. This is always a pleasure, as we both make work more fun for each other. Also, there is no way that Jessica would ever run home from work with me in the rain just because it would make for better bonding than getting a ride with our friends. Thats just not our relationship, but Ben and I did it, and then we came home, showered, and went to Moe's for Moe Monday. I love that guy. Afterwords Mom took Gabe and I to get glasses, and we had too much fun making each other trying on ridiculous pairs and then we got matching frames. While elena (who was dropped off later) chose her frames, we went on an adventure in BJs, and had a grand old time. There aren't many 13 year old brothers that can get along with their 16 year old sisters, so i'm glad i "got stuck" with him.

As i was going home i realized it was 8:00 and I hadn't gotten anytime to myself yet, but then I realized I got time with them instead, and it was totally worth it.

I love my brothers, and I always will.

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