Monday, October 31, 2011

Where will I live in college?

Most of you that know me think of me as Alyssa Joy or Sunshine, the girl who is always happy and smiling! While this is true a not-so well known fact about me is that I am a HUGE worry wart. I always want to have a plan and know what I'm doing before it gets too late.

Just ask my mom.. I started looking up scholarships and how to get into college in the 4th grade. Sometimes, I look back and think, "what was I thinking?" Let me tell you guys, there are not that many scholarships avaliable for fourth graders, at least, not many I could fine. The point is, ever since I was young I knew that I would be the one paying for my education, and I have a good amount saved up between lifeguarding, babysitting, and tutoring, but college is expensive (in case you haven't heard) and with college comes all sorts of things: books, food, clothes, room and board... the list could go on forever. When they give us those awful lectures in school about preparing now and how if we don't act soon it will be too late, I start really worrying ALL OVER AGAIN.

Recently something that's been on my mind is: Where will I live during college?
I don't fancy the idea of living alone,but I think not living in a house with 11 people might (just maybe) be a nice break, so I'm always trying to figure out how where I live will affect things at college.

Recently, I found a site called, if you need a place to live I highly recommend it. Their sight is easy to use and very informative. Anyways, I found out about a scholarship they are running and thought it would be a good oppurtuinity to reseach apartments around BYU (where I've been planning to go since way before 4th grade, haha).

The apartment I found was located under the "Y," (a spot I plan on hiking to when I visit in April!), and is called the Lookout Pointe Apartment Community! It appealed to me for many reasons, and I'll share them with you! (With pictures so you don't get to bored... if you aren't already [; )

1) I love that one side of the building faces the city and the other faces the mountains.
Mountain View-photo coutesty of

City View-Photo Courtesy of

Wether I want to be social or enjoy a nice quiet break from student life I will have either option within walking distance from my apartment. Win/Win? I think yes.

2) I love the location of the complex.
This map shows the location of both the complex and BYU

The complex is far enough to be more peaceful than campus life, but close enough that I can be involved in all the activites and getting to school will not be a hassle.

3) I love how welcoming the space looks!

Image Courtesy-

image courtesy

When I begin to attend BYU I will have family that is attending and family that lives nearby and I would be happy to welcome them into my own space, especially if it looks as nice as this complex!

So anyways, writing this post has made me so excited for college! I know highschool is a meaningful time full of trails and experiences, but once college starts, the real party can begin!

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