Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Today's Checklist:

-Wake up too late to go to seminary?- check
^this was a blessing in disguise though, i never would have made it through today without that time...
-Find a ride?- check
^Nikolai is the best. like for real.
-Go to school? -check
-do all my homework during lunch because i was busy helping the needy last night -check
^Notice my justification? (; haha
-go to SCA and do everything to finish getting ready for all that is homecoming? -check
-come home and apply for scholarships? -check
-grab a quick bite to eat, and talk to grandpa for about five minutes since he stopped by?-check
-Go to a presidency meeting for Church? -check
^a veryyy productive one, might i add.
-make cookies for the temple trip tomorrow? -check
^2 types & Rice Krispies!
^also, while they bakes I trained sister reed's dog to let me ride him as a horse (:
-come home and write an easy for a scholarship?- check
-do my homework? ........... ... ... ... .. .. .. . ..

yeahhh, i've still got a few things to put on my list.
let's just say more than my clothes may be wacky for spirit day tomorrow.
and no one should judge me if i laugh at stupid things
...or respond really late. These are side effects of a sleep deprived Alyssa... which i will be.

Now time to stop procrastinating and:
-write an essay in character as a citizen of Salem
-annotate a chapter of Ratvitch
-do math book work
-do more math bookwork
-do my history homework... on things we haven't learned.
-finish the half-time show script because some people finally decided to turn in their forms.
-find my outfit for Wacky Wednesday
-find everything I need to go to the temple
sound like funnn? lesgo!
GOAL BEDTIME: 1:00 am!
...i am so optimistic :D

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