Thursday, January 1, 2015


I can't believe that I have only been here for one week! It seems like it has been sooooo much longer! I amnot sure how I'm going to fit all the joys of being here into one email, so I'll try to be brief... family, send this email out via fb/blog for all my friends please! Love you all and hope you're doing well!
Traveling was an adventure. On the flight from VA to NY I sat by Elder Grimmer, who is also going to Puerto Rico with me in 6 weeks. He's pretty cool. After the first flight we went to the Dominican Republic. That got interesting. The flight took off late and then several intereseting things happened. A guy on the flight got sick, so since I was sitting near the flight attendants, I offered up my seat. Because i did that the flight attendants offered me free beer/cocktails, I off course declined, I wish a knew how to say Palabras de Sabiduría... Anyway, because I switched seats I got to talk to a man named Fransisco. He lives near the temple and his sister is a memer. He has a Book of Mormon but doesn't read it. We talked a lot. He is a prosecuting attourney and a doctor! I told him to read the Book of Mormon that he has. I also suggest this to any of my friends. It is literally the best.
The DR is totally great! I love the weather here, it is always warm or hot which is my favorite.Also, I'm surrounded by palm trees. It is awesome.  Also, the food is the best. We have rice and beans every day. They believe in having brownies for breakfast and the juice is like no other (this is from the girl who doesn't drink juice). I just wish they ate something other than iceburg lettuce for vegetables. We have tons of fruit though. It's great. Today they had peppers and zuchinni and onions and stuff with lunch and I got a bunch of extra because I LOVE VEGETABLES, oh and because the cook loves that I have only been here a week and already speak spanish (:
We live on the temple grounds, which is the best. The view outside our window is a perfect view of the sky, temple, DR flag, and ocean. One day I'll get a picture of it, but we mostly use cameras on Pday and it's cloudy on the ocean today so you can't really see it.
I love all the classes and my teachers. They are for real a blessing for me. Each of my teachers are incredible and I'm sad that they swich them around every few weeks. Hermana Escorbores pushes me to get better at spanish and never fails to bring the spirit to any lesson. She is just so great, oh and if KAYLA SMITH reads this, yes, you know her! Hermano Martinez is like an older Hispanic version of my brother Gabe which is awesome. He is always playing around with us including at gym time, which is legit. I don't even know what to say about Hermano Nuñez. Basically I think we would be super good friends if we knew each other in normal life. Also, I'm teaching him how to sing and he's doing soooo good! It's awesome! Our lessons are going well! We committed "our investigator" to baptism, so that's going pretty well!
I love gym time! It's the best playing volleyball or frisbee everyday! I am the CCM keeper of the ball pump (I think it's because the Elders might not ever give it back) it's going pretty well! I'm  loving the Hermano Martinez plays with us because I get lots of setting practice and he hits well, but fair for the other Hermanas.
My companion's name is Hermana Fielding from Ogden Utah. We understand each other except I don't understand her need to run and she doesn't understand my need for sports. We work it out though. Ialso we ave lots of fun racing in the hallways during our class breaks! (:
My district is the best. I know everyone says that but mine actually is. I'd say more but I'm almost out ofo time. We love spending time with the other disctrict that came with us nad I'm making fun with lots of the native speakers (mostly because I'm one of the only ones that can keep up with them), but I love them all. They are soooo great.
'I don't have lots of time and there are more people to write, so I'll close by sharing some of the things that I know.
Sé que esta iglesia es verdadera. Sé que el libro de Mormón es las palabras de Dios y cuando leemos lo podemos venir a Cristo. Estoy agradecida que estoy aqui.
Love, Hermana Brown

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