Sunday, February 3, 2013

So Let's Begin Again...

So I have been working on a lot of fun projects and changes, so I thought I'd better update since it's been beyond too long! Since the new year...
-I've started working again.
-I turned 18! (But I am still not an adult.)
-I started getting better about working out!
-I have been playing my instruments more!
-I've begun to learn how to crochet!
-I did really well on all of my midterms!
& -I've decided to get back on tumblr! (which has been a long time coming.)
That blog is if you are interested.
I like it because it's basically a picture blog.
with occasion thoughts and quotes... (:

Also, I am going to do the 365 day challenge. (I know that I will actually post daily, well, I know I won't since I'll be on Trek in July! (super exciting!), but I will definietly answer all the prompts!

This is a link to the challenge.

I'm started today, but I'm starting later because I want to take a picture each day alongside this...

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