Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I believe in Yesterday.

 I went to school.
Had all of my hard classes.
Went to SCA.
Dropped my brother at home.
Went to work for 5 hours.
Came home.
Got some food.
And went to bed.
Sounds like a grind right? Wrong. It was fabulous. This is my picture of the day from yesterday.
Because it was pretty sweet.
I think one of the most beautiful things about life is that even the days that are filled with things to do that can have small moments that make everything worthwhile. That can make an ordinary day extraordinary.
These are things that made yesterday great:
-I did my calculus homework before it was due. Also, I understood all of it.
-The work we did in Calc was way easy for me. That's always a sigh of relief.
-In physics Karen and I finished our lab the class before it was due.
-I got to crochet in every class. Ballin'.
-In english I preformed a song I wrote for our class that was about the theme of disguise and deception in Othello and 12th Night. I played it on my uke and sang. Williard told the class I got a 120. I never put any hard work into that class because things are so easy, so getting a good grade that I actually worked for was way gratifying. Moreso than I remember.
-Michael and I "played" popcorn by ourselves in the back of english. #thugs
-Walking out to our cars (and in physics) I made Xavier laugh a lot. It made me happy because I love being funny and making people laugh, but my sense of humor is so dumb (I blame my Dad). haha Also, sidenote: walking to the car I told him I got an A because the song I wrote was about him. lol
-During SCA as well as afterwork I took time to talk to people who weren't having fabulous days (this isn't what made my day better..). Talking to them made me think about how all of us have problems, I felt so much love for the people I was talking to and it felt like a glimpse of the love Heavenly Father has for each of us.
-I found my check card. my wallet. (of course)
-I had a good shift at work, and for bits no one was there and I got to hangout with co-workers.
-All my favorite front desk people were working so I got to talk with them.
-Claudio told me that everyone calls him daddy, so I said I'd call him Papi. He likes it.
-I can home, sat around with Gabe, and ate ice-cream for dinner. because a day this good deserves to end deliciously.

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