Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What sweeter music can we bring, than a carol for to sing?

Over the past few days, after a conversation about our love of music in Troubadours and hearing some fabulous musicians today, my heart is filled with gratitude for music.

As I've considered the wonders of music I've had several thoughts, the most depressing of all of them being, "wow, i suck at singing. I may as well quit." But I know I never will, not because I'm hopeful that someday I'll be better than everyone, but because I don't sing to be the best, I sing because I loveee music. I love connecting with a piece of music. I am sooo grateful to be a part of the Hylton Choir Program where I am exposed to a plethora of great music and technique. So even though I'm not that great, I'll keep singing because I love to do it. I love the meaning and emotion and inner workings of every piece. I don't know that anyone who reads this will have heard the piece "O Sacrum Convivum," but i think it's one of my favorites. The first time I herad it I fell in love with the sounds and what I heard, then King Tut cut thepiece open and showed us soo many different things about it. He said, "When you all heard this song you liked it, and I'm going to show you why." The untrained ear can hear great music, but the untrained ear will not expect the magnitude and depth of that greatness untell it is trained.

Anyways, if you're wondering what brough about this mighty post other than a conversation in Troubs.. today I had the oppurtuinity to hear the Singing Seargants preform during concert choir. They were fabulous of course, so on point and connected with each other and the music. I felt the spirit sooo many times as they were singing. Music is so powerful. Then in troubs we gave them a version of the Kyrie they had never learned. They had about one person per voice part and an extra baritone who they had conduct. Then they sightread it perfectly without having anytime to look at it. I doubt that I'll ever be that good but it inspired me to do better. Then when we sang for them, idk what happened, I know that I'm not the best singer in the world, but every word and not I sang was spot on. I wish I had these days all the time. I wish I could sing as good as I did today everyday of my life.

There are days when I can't sing at all. I remember we were having practice auditions in Troubadours once and I literally couldnt sing Mi to Re. I kept singing Mi to Do, and everytime I thought I sang it wrong I'd stop and those were the times I did it right. I couldn't hear myself, I had no vocal control. It was all I could stand not to start bawling in frustration in front of my choir, made up of the finest musicians in our school. There are just somedays when I can't sing and I don't know why. Then there are days like today when I can do no wrong. I don't get it, but I do know one thing for certain... nothing will stop me from singing.

Here are some of the songs I've sung this semester that I think you'll enjoy! Check them out! :DCome Away Sweet Love, O Sacrum Convivium, and Dashing Away with the Smoothing Iron- Troubadours- Festival Preformances. I know these are long and we have done better. But it is some amazing music.

Magnificat in D arr: Brewer. This isn't the best choir or quality video, but it's the best I could find.

Amor Vittorioso- Gastoldi. love this one so much.

Danny Boy- Arr: Flummerfelt. I love the back story to this song. So sad, but so profound.

The Clothes of Heaven by Valverde.

Let Everything that Hath Breathe- Ames. I was in this choir, but i was really ill for the performance, so i am in the audience of this video trying not to throw up because I wanted to be there. Also, I know one of the soloists. Love her.

How sweet the Moonlight Sleeps- premire preformance by Hylton Concert Choir. I sight read this song a couple hours before we sang it. like a boss.
Sleep by Whitacre. Sang this at all district.

Remember this is just some of the music I sang this year. Actually, its really only the second semester music, but I love it all and I don't want this post to be too long, so maybe I'll do the rest another day. :D

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