Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Hop, Skip, and Plane Ride Away

aka, my long awaited trip to Utah post...

So I went to Utah to visit my wonderful family out West. I got to see my cousins: Bennett, Riley-Ann, and Carson, as well as my fabulous Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Todd. I thought I loved them before I went out and I did, but I love them even more now. They are some of the best people I know and I'm grateful for the time I got to spend with them! I also got to spend time with my big brother and best friend, Ben Brown. I got to meet and make many new friends while I was there and I had so much pretending to be a college kid.

So ummm... I'm not really doing this chronological order. It's mostly going to be pictures, but I'll narrate and add some comments and memories (:

Cafe Rio with Ben and Care...

Carolyn came to pick me up and surprised me by bringing Ben! We went and got Cafe Rio because being on a plane for several hours makes you surprisingly hungry.
Side Note: About my Flight-
I left super early Thursday morning to make my flight in Dulles. I sat night to a young girl in the back of the plane who reminded me of Callie, she was super cute. I caught my connecting flight in Midway Chicago and headed to Salt Lake City! It was a great second flight. The thing about my flights that amazed me most was how many people will stop you in the airport and ask you if you play the ukulele you have. I wanted to say no every time, because I thought them asking was kinda ridiculous, but whatever..
Adventures on Temple Square!

We had so much time spending time together and getting to see all the sights. The sky was a little overcast, but the weather overall was great. I loved seeing the temple and visitor's center with my aunt!
General Conference With the Penningtons!

On Saturday, I watched the morning session with the family. Then I had a cookout and watched the next session with Ben and his friends.We had a great time with Ben and his roommates who came over between the Sunday sessions. These photos show what we accomplish that day other than spiritual enlightenment.
Left to Right: I painted Ben's nails, Josh gave/made me a flower, and I painted Carson's nails.

Fun at the Park

We had lots of fun playing at the park. We worked that jungle gym and rope tower! (;

BYU Athletics
 I got to go to a couple volleyball games (which were incredible!) and we got to go and see a baseball game. Riley is at the baseball game and Bennett is with Cosmo at the volleyball game.

Day out with my Aunt Carolyn!

Carolyn and I went up to Sundance Ski Resort to see the beautiful scenery. She said it wasn't as pretty as usually which was surprising to me because I thought it was beautiful. We went to happy sumo for lunch after. I loved getting to spend so much time with her over the two weeks I was with her! :D
Trip to Bridal Veil Falls-

I went with my cousins to the waterfall! They had a great time playing in the ice cold water, Carolyn and I had fun watching and occasionally dipping our toes in the water. The kids were so adorable and I enjoyed watching how adventurous they were! It was so adorable!

Hiking the Y!
Riley and Todd

We both made it up for our first time ever that day!
Dying Eggs and.... Planking?

 Random Snapshots and Fun Moments...

 so basically, I loveee my cousins. <3333

Spending Time with my brothaaaa! ...#swaggie.
After our cookout and before Conference.
photo credits to hotcheese

 oh, and we met and danced with Alex Boye. ...nbd. really though, we was so amazing. "moved or moving."

Saw this walking home with Ben. Talk about great marketing for a college campus?

 After church, we started with a super fun egg hunt with Kylie's family. Everyone was very emotional about the eggs that they found. or myabe it was because some eggs had money in them? (:

 Then we took awesome Easter sibling photos. I loveee these. Also, that's Josh's sister Jenna. I love her. (:

 Ben and I went to make and eat Easter dinner. We got to eat with Jason, a super cool Jamaican who is one of Todd's students. We had a yummy dinner with great, not to mention, funny conversation.

After dinner, we played some volleyball as a family. Then we died eggs. After that, we had a sing along. Then Ben and I went back to Wyview and watched Tarzan with some friends. We had ward prayer together and then played volleyball together. It was an Easter to remember for sure. Not to mention how fabulous our meetings were that day! Easter Sunday is just wonderful!

Livin' Like a College Kid
This is Josh Reese aka Platypus, aka Hot Cheese.
He is a pretty cool kid.
I enjoyed drinking milk and watching LOST with him.
Really though, i love this kid.
Josh and Jenna.
Sibling love.
Scott- or Scottaye
This is Ben's other roomate!
He is such a sweet guy.
One day I schooled him in basketball,
but every other day he schooled me.
The mocs picture is of me waiting for Ben to get home... he was asleep in his apartment. Also, that day I learned that it is never a good idea to play several hours of basketball in your favorite socks... :(

 One day, I got to spend the night with Dallyn, Brenna, Tati, and Kasey. Dallyn and I pranked the boys. On the left is our spoils. (; Below is me saying goodbye to the girls my last day. They are all so sweet! <3

So things as I did as a college kid mostly included: watching youtube movies, listening to music, encouraging friends to skip class, eating food, playing basketball, attending a couple classes, and playing volleyball.
I am told that this is basically what it's like to be a college student. I can't wait!
Also, I went to an awesome capture the egg party and started watching LOST on Easter Eve. win.

Fun at the Skate Park!

 It was crazy to watch these kids go over all sorts of lifts and ramps. Carolyn taught me all the skater lingo she's picked up overtime. Also, Riley-Ann the Hispster...

Sometimes I like to take pictures...

One day I'll go back...

The whole time I was in Utah I felt like this..


Then Ben and Matt drove me to the airport and I flew home...

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