Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Hobbes Approach:

In life, I am generally a crazy goal setter. I set high goals and then do what it takes to reach them. You should see the list of goals I made for this year (18 Things to Do Before I turn 18)... but I'll post that after I finish them (: Anyways, I love trying and achieving, and I love to do things that seem impossible or just plain difficult.  Sometimes  I over step and set too many goals within a time frame, I could do them all seperately, but not together.

Then there's day's where I just take the Hobbe's Mentality.

Today felt like a Hobbe's sort of day:
My Goals include:
-finishing the first season of LOST (and i'm currently watching Season 2.. I'm such an overachiever...)
-helping Emily to curl her hair for prom
-spending time with the family
-going to a date with my Nancy Friend if she's available
-jamming it up at the mormon dance tonight.

EVALUATION: (i'll post these as they happen, so check back later, :D )
=So umm... shout out to Josh Reese('s Puffs) for getting me hooked on LOST. The first season was quite the journey and the second is looking insane as well. I'm wayyy excited. I like it a lot. The end. (: I started Season 1 that fateful night on Easter Eve after a crazy game of capture the egg. I watched with Josh and Jenna while we consumed milk, burritos, and pizza. We watched two episodes and when it was almost midnight, Josh walked me home. Best Easter Eve ever. lol. &nowtokeepwatching...
= I did Emily's hair for prom. We set up a hair curling station in out living room so I did her hair while we watched LOST. it was great. also, she felt right at home among our chaos because she has 6 kids in her family, a fact I always manage to forget. anyways, she is beautiful, and her hair looked great, and i hope she had fun tonight (:
=I went to the park with my siblings after I curled her hair. It was super fun! We went to Rosa Parks to play on the playground. While there I updated all the music on my iPod. It was just swell. Also, Bella is ridiculously adventuring and athletic. That child needs to slow it down a notch.
=after cleaning my room (bonus points for me!) i went on a date with nancy to go dress shopping! we picked out a few dresses. I bought two, which is two more than i had planned to buy, but I really like them! oh dear, if i go to prom one of them will be my prom dress, the other I wore to the dance tonight which brings me to...
=as far as mormon dances go, this one was pretty good. I really don't care for annandale dances. Its basically annandale with a couple of us woodbridge kids and no one else usually comes.... anyways, it had some great moments and I got to hang out with people I don't always get to see, so that was pretty exciting.
Also, it made me realize i really do love people, even if going to school makes me want to be antisocial. lol

anyways, it is currently bella's birthday, which means it is past time for me to go to bed. successful day!

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