Monday, April 16, 2012

Today was such a productive day.

My Accomplishments:
-got up at 4:30 to finish homework.
-went to seminary
-had a swell/better than average day at school
-watched several episodes (5 or 6 or more?) of LOST
-made the kids homemade pizza for dinner (cheese, ham, and ham & sausage with basil.)
-did a TON of precalc hw (regular and makeup)
-got a pottermore account

And now i shall....
-help mommy clean the hallway
-clean the kitchen
-do a butt load of AP English homework
-attempt to go to bed at a reasonable hour...

shall be fun, eh?
i was actually going to do a real post, but i don't have time right now.
I'll try to sneak on in the morning before seminary. (;
Also, Utah post soon, i promiseeee.
now that anyone reads this. the end.

yay (:

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