Sunday, April 15, 2012

Today I Wore Flip Flops to Church

It was severly dissapointing, which is suprising as I loveee wearing flip flops. I just don't think they're reverent or appropriate to wear to church so even though I don't love gettting dressed up, I am happy to do it to show the love and respect I have for my Heavenly Father as well as my Savior. Anyways, I got up and went to choir and while I was there I found out there was BYC after, which I forgot about. So i asked my mom to bring me my shoes so that I could go to my meeting. So long story short, I went out of my way to go to a cancelled meeting and mom couldn't find my shoes. Regardless, today was a great day at church. I felt the spirit, which is much more important to me than what I have on my feet.

In other news...
-I really don't want to go to school tomorrow. I really do miss being in Utah. Everyone was so kind to me, and I really felt loved ALL the time. Even when I was by myself I wasn't worried about 14098435098350 things I had to do, I was just glad to take a moment to listen to hymns, take a nap, or read scriptures. Whatever, its almost summer so hopefully I'll thrive til then.
-I've started to watch LOST. YAYYY NETFLIX!  (: Anyways, I think Charlie is my favorite so farrr. lol. Also, its making mom crazy. Idk why its such a big deal, but i'm having to work around when she's not here. haha. so yeah.

Anyways, i should be doing other things. i'm thinking I'll go to bed uuuber early like a little after 6, so that I can wake up to do all my homework without breaking the sabbath. THE END for now!

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