Friday, November 9, 2012

I am inconsistent.

Obviously that whole challenge thing didn't work out. I'd rather just talka bout what I want to talk about. To be perfectly honest, I didn't even forget to write these I just haven't taken the time to do it. Instead of doing it I'm just going to choose the ones that I want to do the most and do them all here now :D
Writing according to the prompts. Take a look at yourself :)

Day 3- Views on Alcohol and Drugs!
Well this is a good one. I think both are stupid. That is that.
People can say "you won't know until you try" all they want, but I know that I don't want to try.
I have many reasons for this, but here is just one.. my body is a temple and I want to take care of it.

Day 4- Religion!
I am a Mormon! <--- this is me! Check it out!
I think my religion is a wonderful thing and I could do a hundred blogposts on this, but today I'll just say that it makes me happy. I tell people all the time "I do what I want," and sometimes I think some people who know my beliefs roll their eyes a little when I say that, they seem to thing I'm all talk because my religion is "restrictive." I know some teenage Mormons who certainly feel that way, but I'm not lying, I do what I want. I live the gospel because I want to no one makes me. If I didn't want to live the standards of the gospel I wouldn't, but I always will and no one can stop me. My beliefs make me happier than anything. I am so blessed. I am a Mormon, I know it, I live it, I love it.

Day 12- Bullet Your Whole Day
-Got Up and Pulled Myself out of bed.
-Got dressed in comfy clothes
-Got Gabriel Up
-Drove to seminary
-Played Scripture Mastery Basketball
-Drove to school
-Talked to Lexy and turned in my parking permit info
-Went to Calculus
-Took the car keys to the office because dad needed the car
-Went to Troubadours! [STARTED RELUCTANT DRAGON! :D]
-Ate Lunch
-Faxed my report card to the insurance company
-Went to concert choir and sang stuff
-Kendall was a boss and gave me a ride home, love that kid, it was a ballin' time.
-Watched an episode of ONCE with Ben
-Ate Fruit Loops
-considered buying a camera
-watched Sleepless in Seattle while I cleaned the living room
-made cookies for daddy with Bella
^^Played Guitar and watched her dance while they cooled (:
-Got on the computer, turned on pandora, decided to blog.

Lastly I will do, 5 famous guys who are attractive. ...that did not sound like what I meant to say, but now it's funny so I am not going to edit it...

Niall..! Niall..! Niall..!

This was the only one that came to mind, mostly because the other day I was reading online and found out that he likes girls who can put away food. I love food so that's necessary. ..and that's basically it.

I will probably come back and do more of these someday just as regular blogposts because they are pretty good topics that I wouldn't mind talking about.

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