Sunday, September 23, 2012

Could this be a trend?

Somehow, I've managed to have two awesome weekends in a row! In fact, perhaps this is too bold, but I believe I am finally beginning to have... a life. That's it! I said it! I should have cleaned my room a long time ago.  hahaha, that comment was thrown in there for mom's sake. I knew long ago the benefits of cleaning my room, I was just lazy.

Anyways, I got to do more fun and awesome things this weekend!

So, Leggo!

Friday night, I went to the Forest Park/Hylton Football games. It was an awesome game... for the bulldawgs. haha Before the game started, I saw my friend Kevin and he asked if we were ready to lose. Now all I can do is laugh.

Anyways, I went with Austin, Lexy, and Zosia, and once we were there we met up with Hunter. We sat on the Hylton side and had fun talking and watching the game. At some point towards the end of halftime, we went to go and get concessions. I felt really bad because I stopped to talk to Mrs Francis and assumed they had left me, but then when I walked away they were dutifully waiting for me to return. My poor friends are so patient.

Anyways, after they got food, we played a game where you flip a powerade bottle in the air, in such a way that it lands straight up. I throw this tid bit into this post because I did it with Hunter's bottle. Can you say boss? well thank you, I am. Just kidding. But yeah, I was a little proud.

Anyways, Hylton smashed Forest Park, and it was awesome. That's basically it. (:

Saturday, I spent the morning cleaning and powerwashing the front porch, and then afterwards doing some calc and physics homework. Fear not dear friends, this was not the climax of my weekend.

After much hard work I got to go to Aidan's house, with Hunter and Austin. We and a group of other youth went to IKEA and played sardines. Highlights included a cinnamon roll toast and carrying the boys to the waterfountain. Not to mention our twine fight. I feel like this weekend could be the start of fun friendships, but I don't know if they are ready for that. lol. I really enjoyed myself though. After IKEA we went to a bonfire at Aidan's and then went to Martin's house randomly. It was great.

I have a lot of thoughts running through my head right now that I want to share. However, I also don't want to or can't so I think I will stop here before my head gets the better of me.

Hope you had a fun filled weekend as well!


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