Wednesday, May 16, 2012


So today I sat at a desk thinking of things I wanted to say to certain people, but probably never will (with a few exceptions) either for my sake or for the sake of the person I'd be saying it to. These comments are directed to a vast quantity of people from family, to friends, to random people in my school who I don't even know that well at all. Some of these apply to more than one person, and sometimes a single person has more than one.

Anyways, writing these and posting them was fairly therapeutic and I would totally recommend it.

-one day I'll be gone and you'll wish you hadn't wasted so much time.
-we're only friends when it's convenient to you, and it's not fair to me.
-the only times we have conflicts is when I get tired of letting you walk all over me.
-you're the first boy I've ever had a true crush on and I don't think I'm over you.
-My problems aren't as important to you as yours are to me. It hurts.
-Being friends with you and getting closer recently has made my life so much more liveable.
-You know I can do better, and even though I get frustrated don't stop telling me. You're right, and I get mad because I know you are.
-It takes all my control not to jump in a car and go visit you. I miss seeing your face.
-You will always be my best friend and I'm grateful you are an example in my life.
-I'll never tell you what she said because I'm scared it will hurt you more than you hurt me.
-I wish there was some way you could have been my date to prom. I had a great time, but spending it with you would have made it so much better.
-I hate that you've changed, and I don't know what to think. It scares me that I can't be honest with you.
-I think if you lived in Virginia we'd be really good friends. I like making lists too!
-You've grown up a lot this year and words can't express how proud I am of you for how far you've come.
-I still can't help but smile each time we interact. The littlest things remind me of you.
-What you did hurt me a lot, but I'm never going to tell you that I know what you said because forgiving you has been really hard and I think I'm close to getting past it.
-I love you, but sometimes the things you say make me want to punch you in the face. You could do better.
-I worry about you all the time, Simba. I wish I could have done something more.
-I wish someone would follow you around with a camera so you could see all the stupid and immature things that you do on a daily basis.
-I hurts a lot that you lied to me like it was no big deal.
-I hope one day we hangout and jam on our ukes, but I also hope you know I just want to be friends.
-The choices you've been making are always on my mind, I want to look out for you, but I don't know how.
-I've heard you're full of yourself and it wouldn't surprise me, but I'm okay with it.
-You can be the biggest jerk to others, but you are always there for me so I'll never judge you for it.
-I don't know why you haven't blown me off. I'm not cool enough to be your friend.
-Boys never like me so I should've known the way things were going was just wishful thinking. I should've known better, but I couldn't help but hope.
-You're a great guy and I wish you wouldn't think people don't like you. Let's go on an adventure?
-I wish you would ask me to come play basketball with you someday. I miss playing.
-You make me self conscious when you're high because you look straight into my eyes like you know everything about me and I can't hide.
-I've worked hard to be a good friend to you, but it's obvious that you will always take me for granted. I'm sorta over it.
- Thank you for setting such a great example of who I never want to be.
-You're the only boy I know who looks attractive with a tattoo. I can imagine us as friends.
-I like you and all, but it makes me mad how fake and cocky you've gotten.
-It makes me smile that our conversation really hit it off with a conversation about our feet.
-I'm sorry I couldn't do anything to make things better. I hope having someone to cry with was enough.
-That song made me cry because next year you'll be gone.
-It would be nice if you would ever stop talking in class. No one cares.
-I wish I could tell you my feelings without it ruining the way things are.
-I was worried about you all night.
-I'm not worried about losing my phone because I know you haven't texted me.
-I would appreciate it if you took things I said more seriously.
-You're a great guy. I hope you serve a mission because I know you'd be awesome at it. I'm glad I've gotten the chance to know you and that you were my temporary brother.
-Everyone was convinced I liked you, but I know that I never will. You can be such a fair weather friend.
-I lost so much respect for you when you stopped listening to my views and started making excuses.

And these are things that I think of in quiet moments.

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