Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mormon Prom Checklist:

(so basically, other than laying in bed and reading a book like I'm about to do, this is what my day will include...    you know since it takes so much to make me look good, lol jk (; i just feel like if i'm going to prom I may as well do it right.) (Also: sorry i haven't posted in forever, I have so many things I've wanted to just sit down and write, but I keep making myself wait until my homework is done and then I go to sleep so I'll be on time to seminary.) :D

[ ]Practice Walking In my Shoes  ..just kidding. kinda x)
[ ]Remove Toenail Polish and wash face
[ ]Shower Time!
[ ]Blow dry my hair.

[ ]Pluck Eyebrows... finally. hahaha
[ ]Paint Toenails
[ ]Paint Fingernails
[ ]Curl Hair
[ ]Style Hair
[ ]Makeup Time

[ ]Put on dress
[ ]Put on Shoes
[ ]Put on accessories

and then off to take pictures, eat dinner, and dance the night away with my dear friend Graffy.

Also my dear reader. you probably didn't need to know any of this, but i feel bad for not updating my blog and i really needed to make this list. lol Have a fabulous day! ;D

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