Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thank You, Gracias, Merci, Salamat

As this Thanksgiving Day comes to a closer can't. Help but feel the need to sit down and take a moment to count my blessings. I try to always be aware of the numerous blessings and tender mercies that surround me, but sitting here with my family and a full tummy, they are impossible to ignore. My heart is full and I am sincerely overwhelmed by all the blessings I have received. Even saying that, I know there are blessings I don't even recognize.

1.First and foremost, I am grateful for the knowledge I have of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The blessings I've received from the gospel and from living its teachings are incomprehensibly numerous. His light and love penetrate every aspect of my life.

2.I am eternally grateful for my family. They have taught me so much about who I am and who I want to become. I have learned so much about life, love, laughter, and happiness, from each of them. Not to mention how happy I get when I look at their faces.           

3. How about all the the beauties and wonders of nature that I have the blessing to witness and enjoy. I've said it a thousand times and I'll say it about a million more, the beauty of the earth is seriously evidence of Gods love. I love being outside, breathing the fresh air, and devouring the beauty of nature. How can you not be in awe of the world around us?
4. I'm so grateful for the school I attend and the education I am able to gain. I love the blend of temporal and spiritual education in my schooling. I get so much edification and enlightenment that is unlike what I would receive at other institutions. I love the program that I'm in, and I know I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be. 

5.I am grateful for my pioneer heritage. This summer I participated in trek for a second time. It was amazing and probably among the hardest things I've done. I learned so much about strength, service, leadership, and perseverance. I am so grateful that I could experience a shred of the sacrifice that my ancestors endured for the gospel that I love.

6.I'm grateful for the leaders and educators who have blessed my life. They've taught me how to learn and grow, succeed and fail, serve and sacrifice, and observe then act. They've given me examples of charity, love, and selflessness.
7.I'm grateful that I got to live so close to my extended family for most of my life. I'm also grateful that now I live near my family that I used to see so infrequently. I'm especially grateful for the closeness I have to my grandparents. Their lives teach me so much, and the more time goes on, the more I cherish the time we have together. If you've seen me in my pug sweater and feel confused, just ask. It's seriously my favorite..
8.I'm grateful for my friends, both here and in Virginia. They are diverse, but they are all wonderful. I love that no matter how different we are, we have no need for judgement or contention. I'm so blessed by the people who surround me, and so blessed to having a loving God who put them there.
9. I'm so grateful for my parents. I'm grateful for a mom, who taught me how to be a mother. A mom who loves and listens, a mom who works and sacrifices for our family. I'm grateful for a father who taught me how men act, who works to provide for his family, and who magnifies his priesthood and callings.
10.I'm grateful for music. I'm grateful that it can bring the spirit and glorify God. I love how it can convey emotions that words can't describe. I love that it  can make us move and dance. I love that it can bring peace, joy, and laughter into our lives.

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