Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Recapturing Beauty: Day 3

Kay guys, so if you haven't heard BYU's Women's Services and Resources is doing a 10 Day challenge. The goal is to help us love  and accept our bodies. Today was day three and today's goal was to love your face, so the challenge was to not wear any makeup. I decided to also not pick at my face, because that's something I always have a problem with. I honestly didn't really have issues with this challenge at all.  Partly, that's because I don't usually wear much makeup to begin with, but also because I was determined to make peace with my face. When I looked at my face, I saw my blemishes, my pimples, my blackheads, and of course the huge dark bags under my eyes, but when I saw them, I knew that they weren't me, they were a part of me, but they weren't me.  
The picture on the top of this set, is a picture of me and my roommate, Andrea, before our other roommate, Susan's wedding. I was all sorts of dolled up, and I looked dang good. The picture on the bottom is of me today for the challenge. No makeup. No nothing. All my natural glory. 

And you know? I still look pretty dang good.


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