Saturday, November 9, 2013

Before the Kick.

I have this bad habit of setting goals for myself, and either holding myself over or under accountable for my goals. I also have a habit of totally forgetting the goals that I set. So here's my attempt to unapologeticly (yes I made that work up) post my goals to the world. Some may seem amazing, some may seem stupid, but it's my list, so no one has to understand them but me. I like making lists and I like having them somewhere I can always see them for recall, so that's just that.

In other words, PRESENTING: My Bucket List.
This is preliminary, and it will grow.

Get a Hole in One
Have a Paint Fight
Color a Whole Coloring Book on a Sickday
Learn to Juggle
Own and drive a Motorcycle
Read all the Standard Works
Be Bilingual
Visit Every Continent [except Antarctica …i hate the cold]
Learn to make Pastries
Weigh 160 lbs or Less
Be able to Jump Serve
Be able to Dunk (Regulation Height Hoop)
Own an amazing Sweater Collection
Serve a Mission
Get a Boycut and Rock It
Own Neon Jeans and Rock Them
Understand Isaiah
Be a Published Author
Write a Song that Gets Played on the Radio
Be a Fluent Signer
Take an Award Winning Photo
Be a Paid Photographer
Set Foot in Every State
Go to Four Corners
Visit an Indian Reservation
Go to Australia
Visit a Real World Castle
Hike to the Top of a Mountain
Get my Splits
Make a Tie-Dye Dress
Read 100 books in One Year
Learn Massage Therapy Techniques
Have My Own Garden
Have a Chick Flick Kiss
Be able to do the Butterfly Stroke (Better)
Be on an Ultimate Frisbee Team
Befriend a Celebrity
Get 1,000 Followers on Twitter (@alyssajoybro)
Eat Only Food Made from Scratch for a Summer
Be Able to Kick a Field Goal
Be in a Movie
Run a Half Marathon
Know How to Wear Makeup
Hold a Monkey
Be Asked to a Formal Dance
Take an Ice Bath
Do a Polar Plunge
Mud Wrestle
Learn to Make Ice-Cream
Go Camping in the Mountains
Go to the Temple, Once a Week, for a Year
Adopt a Puppy
Touch a Hippo
Give $100 to Someone in Need

To be continued...

Maybe someday it will even be organized...

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