Thursday, February 23, 2017

Week Full of Grace.

I am a little late on my post... things got pretty crazy. haha here is at least one blessing from each day of this past week!

We got to have FHE at the Sheppard's house. They just have such a spirit there and the food was so dang good.

Today was Valentine's Day. It was supposed to be just a regular day, but I had a great day! One of my friend's gave me roses as a surprise! It is awesome! It was just a really nice surprise blessing!

Today was sweet because I got to go swim for my workout. I love swimming.

Today was sweet because I got to meet with my roommate and go lift. We had a great workout. Then I got to go to institute with my friend Jenny which was just such a blessing! Afterwards, I went to hut tubbing with Jackson and Riley. They are just great! I love those guys.

Friday I felt super blessed because I was able to get the car from Tyler

Saturday was so flipping amazing! We started it off right with a couple of hikes to some ancient ruins. We got to see some amazingly beautiful sights. I felt so blessed to be so close to nature. I saw some things that were so beautiful and I just was amazed at how much the Lord has done to make the world a beautiful place.

Also, I can't deny the reality that the Lord was watching over and protecting up this day. Some crazy stuff happened, but it ended up being a huge blessing!

This was such a special day. It was so lovely to spend more time with Grandma and Grandpa Slavens. It was such a blessing to be in the church feeling the spirit and being with those I love. I also came to get such a great appreciation for the Pioneers. We talked about them in church and then we had such a fun time in Fort Bluff where we got to see the reality of their sacrifices.

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