Tuesday, February 10, 2015

#9 Mission

I am never sure how to start these emails. There's always so much I want to share and so little time... this week, I'll focus on one experience that wnet throughout the week, and share pictures. deal?

This story is about how the Lord has been teaching y patience this week. You may be thinking, wow you learned patience in a week! Are you sure you understand it? (That was mostly me imagining dad and ben reading this (; ) But to clarify, as always I am still learning. That's the nice thing about this plan God has given us though, we're here to learn, so hopefully I'm on the right track.

Let's start with this, wednesday I was sitting on a bench crying hoping that my companion wouldn't notice. We had just taught a lesson to Juan and were waiting for a member that was going to help us get across town to teach a potential investigator. Juan though is one of my favorites. I think he is a lot like Gpa, except without the gospel and without family surrounding him. However, he is stubborn like Grandpa, and even though I'm stubborn too, I just talk to him like I talk to grandpa. And for those of youwho don't know, grandpa is one of my best friends.

Thus, after our lesson (during which Juan admitted that he feels the spirit when he's with us and when he reads the book of mormon and he know that what we teach him is true), when he told us that he will never come to church (mostly I think because he is scared of change), I was super sad. Sad because i didn't know whatelse we could do to help him and sad because he was choosing not to recieve the blessings of the gospel. So... I sat on a bench and cried.

That lasted about 30 seconds before I called myself out on being silly and changed to crying and praying. That helped a lot. The Lord reminded me that it isn't always about what I do., that this is HIS work, and that I need to trust Him. So I decided to stop being selfish and look and myself, and keep working hard. The rest of Wednesday was great, we taught with power and shared the gospel the way we are called to do.

Thursday I read D&C 64:29-33 (sorry that I don't have time to put all that on here now)...

Friday, I called Juan and set up and appointment for Sunday evening. Then I had the thought to tell him we had found him a ride for church. That sounded like a fun conversation to have again, but I did it anway...

He said something along the lines of "Don't be ridiculous Brown, I have a car, I can drive myself!"

and Sunday He came to chuch, picture attached.

And thus we see that God has a sense of humor. That we will be happier if we trust His plan, His way, and His timing. And that the savior and his gospel can change hearts. 

Love Hermana Brown

last week on pday my comp and I made pupusas! yummmm. (:

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