Saturday, February 22, 2014

Tender Mercy Tuesdays: Reminders in the Chaos

Sidenote: This post is way late and I'm sorry. I wrote it and then didn't have the final thoughts that  wanted to have present. Pinky swear that this coming Tuesday will be on time. (:

This past week has been crazy, full, and all around busy. However, though it all I've felt very little stress and discouragement, which is an incredible blessing because those are usually my greatest downfalls. Instead I felt a great ability to discern what things were most important and rely on the spirit and those around me to do those things which were most important and fruitful in my responsibilities.

Interestingly enough, by making my church callings and commitments a priority and working other things and assignments around them, I was able to get all the things done that I needed to. I am confident that this is not a coincidence. The increase in spirit kept me going throughout the whole week and kept all the things I had going on in perspective.

This week I also had the opportunity to help a few friends as they faced various stresses and trials. Each time I talked to them I felt prompted in the things that I should say and do to most help them in their circumstances. This is great evidence to me that Heavenly Father loves them as individuals and that He is aware of their trials and the things in their heart. This in turn was a tender mercy to me as it reminded me of the love that Heavenly Father has for me and the opportunity that we have to be of service and aid to others.

In conclusion I'd like to share something that I wrote in my Book of Mormon Notebook as I was pondering today during scripture learning…

"Don't place a limit on the amount of love that God has for you or a limit on the love He shows for you. The scriptures say that every good thing comes from God. Therefore, we can assume that as every good thing in our life comes from God it is evident of the eternal love He has for us. Don't overlook the littlest things, thinking them to be coincidence or of no consequence. He is 'in the details of our lives.'"

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