Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tender Mercy Tuesday

Sometimes I am so amazed by all the tender mercies that the Lord provides to each of us. Often we don't even recognize them, or we may not recognize them for some time after they happen. Recently, I've been trying to stay more aware of the tender mercies that surround me. (If you don't know what a tender mercy is watch the video posted on this blogpost). I think a great way for all of us to stay aware of our tender mercies is hearing the tender mercies of others or sharing our own with others, so I thought I'd share a few of my own tender mercies from this past week.

Last Thursday was a rough day for me. I got some news that was hard to digest, and my knee jerk reaction (which I've been working on curbing) was to ignore the problem until I had time to deal with it. I decided to put in my iPod, blast some dubstep, and go in to work, so I could just deal with everything when I got home. As I put the headphones in my ears I had an impression that I wouldn't be able to feel the spirit if I was listening to loud music and that in that moment what I needed must was to be able to recieve comfort from the spirit. This made me pause. Instead of dubstep, I filled my ears with instrumental versions of hymns. I offered a simple prayer. I recognized the knowledge I have that Heavenly Father is in control, but also recognized that though I had that knowledge, in that moment, I needed some more, I needed help through comfort and peace. So thinking of Elder Holland's talk I prayed, "Father, I believe, help though my unbelief." An overwhelming and tangible feeling of peace entered my heart. I began to read the scriptures, specifically the words that Christ speaks about peace in the New Testament. My heart was lifted up by his words and his love. I began to see a new picture of Christ in my minds eye as he says in John 14, "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." I imagined Christ not simply informing or testifying, "I have the power for you to be healed spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically," but pleading saying, "Please. I've suffered what you will suffer. I know the pains and struggles that you will endure. Please. Let me help you." I could imagine the pain in his eyes as he sees so many walking without his light and aid, but mostly I felt a knowledge and assurance that he really wants to help us through our trials, with all his heart and all his being. 

On Sunday, it seemed like everyone in my ward was testifying of Christ and reminding me of the greater understanding of Christ's love that I had gained over the past week. In relief society, the lesson was wonderful as we discussed dealing with trials and being fully converted as we are anchored on our Savior. Due to a number of factors, I couldn't help but bawl as I listened to the words and comments that were spoken. At the end of the lesson, as my relief society president testified of the reality of the Savior and his atonement, Where Can I Turn For Peace was sung by the ward having sacrament meeting in the room adjacent to ours. The timing could not have been more perfect if we were on a movie. It was such a simple reminder that God is aware of me, that he hears me in my struggles, and that he wants to remind me on whom to rely. At the end of the meeting I bore my testimony and I'll say what I said in that moment many more times in my life. I simply stated that my week had been stressful and said that the thing more overwhelming than the trails I've faced is the overwhelming evidence that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me. I know that this is true, not just for some of our trials, but for always, we just need to look and the evidence of His love is overwhelming.

On Tuesday, I got to walk with two guys from my ward to campus, which was really nice. One tender mercy from that is that I somehow never fell despite the ground being covered in ice and the fact that both of those boys are over 6 ft and walk significantly faster than I do. When I got to class (with frozen hair), it was cancelled, which I immediately knew was a tender mercy in disguise because I had a lot of homework that this allowed me to get ahead on! It was fantastic. 

I know that I'm posting this on Wednesday, but you'll have to forgive me. I had the opportunity to go help a friend while I was writing this, which was much more important to me than the timing of my blogpost. Not to mention it was another tender mercy because I really needed an opportunity to serve someone. 

What tender mercies have you been blessed with this week?

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