Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I can do hard things.

Today I realized that sometimes I'm good at things without realizing it. I also realized that sometimes I am not so good at things, but I force myself to do them and that's okay too.

I was really excited today when I realized that I could double minor really really really easily. Like for my management minor I only need to take 3 or 4 extra classes and I tested out of math, so now it's 2 or 3. Or how I have 10 hours of credit towards my environmental science major, and then I'll have more after this semester is through. Did I mention it's a 17 credit hour minor? Oh, or did I mention that other than one credit hour, the classes I need are required for my major anyway? Booyah. Seriously guys, I've wanted to look into that for awhile, but I was so nervous that it would just overwhelm me. Then I had the courage to even try and I found out that I've already done half the work. I will take it. Seriously blessed.  I really need to email my calc teacher and thank her and ask her how her new baby is doing.

Today I also forced myself to do something terrifying. I asked a boy in my ward to the Sadie Hawkin's dance coming up. He's cute and really sweet, so I don't know why I was nervous but I totally was. Ehh, that statement will probably have people making this into a big deal, but to be honest (which is scary), I just hate feeling vulnerable. I made myself do it though and now I have a super fun date lined up in November, so holla at yah girl.

Also, I'm really liking things out here. I really am.
I like who I am out here.
I like being in charge of myself.
I like that I am not always perfect and that I'm not so busy all the time that I can just ignore all my feelings like I did all through High School.

At first I thought I hated that about being out here, but I know it's a really good thing.
...even if it's also a hard thing.

So yeah. got a little serious on you at the end didn't I? weird...

abrupt ending.

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