Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Dollar Sign Dilema.

So as you may already know I am continually applying for scholarships and financial aid to pay for college because (to be honest) college is expensive, and I'm paying for it. Anyways, today I was working on some scholarship applications and one came up. The only prompt was, Why should you get this scholarship in 250 words or less. This is what I wrote...

Throughout my life, I've worked hard to be the best I can, knowing that I am the only one who can choose to make my life something great. From an early age, my parents have made it clear to me that my education is my responsibility. They taught me that I alone determine what level of success I will seek to achieve. I want to do something great in the world, to make a difference in the lives of those in need. The first step towards this goal is attaining a high level of education. My parents have also made it clear that if I go to college, I will be the one to pay for it. This is understandable, it’s my education and I accept that I am responsible for it. However, despite having a job since the age of fourteen, and continually working to improve my financial situation, I know if I am to obtain my goal of graduating from college, I need the help of others, especially because I hope to not graduate with unmanageable debt. For this reason, I continually seek out and apply for scholarships and financial aid. Although some of these applications require a lot of work, I know that it is a worthwhile effort. Success requires hard work and dedication. These are two characteristics I emulate as I pursue goals to continue my education. I will go far; I just need help to get off the ground before I can soar.

Ta-dah! I hope this sounds alright. I do really need money so I can make it through college. Especially because I'm hoping not to end with a ton of debt. 

On an somewhat related note, it frustrates me when kids win scholarships and say things like "my mom and dad will be so happy they don't have to pay as much now." First of all, your parents don't "have to" pay anything for your education, that should be you. Second, don't I deserve a scholarship if I am paying for my education on my own? I'm only 17, money is hard to come by especially if I'm being expected to keep up my grades and activities, so I can even get accepted to college. I hope this doesn't sound like I'm whining. I'm really grateful for how I was raised and for the financial responsibility that I have. I just hope all the work I've been doing pays off. I really don't want to be in debt, and I want to go on a mission one day, which also isn't cheap.

Regardless of these frustrations, I know that I'm going to be okay and my Heavenly Father will guide me through what I should do to be most successful.

Going forward with faith.

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