Monday, October 29, 2012

The Problem Is...

So obviously I don't post on this blog very frequently. The fact is, I want to post on it all the time, so I try to use it as a motivation for doing other things, like, if I do my homework then I can blog... the problem is that this never actually works. I either don't accomplish anything, or I fall asleep or something. ....this is my lame excuse for not blogging. However, I have a solution! I'm going to do this challenge, so I can justify doing quick posts daily!

Writing according to the prompts. Take a look at yourself :)

So here's for Day 1:

I'm currently very single. In fact, I've never had a day when I wasn't single. IN FACT, I am #TeamKeepAlyssaSingle. Really, I think high school relationships are a waste of time, so I am currently not participating, I might someday change my mind, but I am fine where I am now. :D

Check out some of the #TeamKeepAlyssaSingle Memes that my brother, @Browntosaurus_B made!

Guys, Join up! :D

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