Friday, July 13, 2012

Pre Girls' Camp Post

So I've been a little loose about posting lately. There have been so many things that I've meant to write about and didn't find the time to do. I do use the internet, just not often on the computer. The problem is that I don't like typing on my iPod. Regardless, I'm posting now. (:

So this post is kinda random about a few things that happened before camp.

For one, Jessica said, (and this is a quote about an attractive male I know),
"Mmmm, he can bake cookies in my oven! ...when I'm married"
To this Gabe replied, "Well.. I'm leaving"
Then the little girls said they wanted cookies.

Furthermore, my mom told me to get a boyfriend.
The quote was, "Alyssa, go get a boyfriend."
She also added, " you'll stop bothering me!"

Since then (post camp) several conversations surrounding the topic of me having a boyfriend have occurred. Most hilarious to everyone, but me, until like 20 minutes later when I did find it funny. Also, in case anyone is wondering I don't have plans to get a boy friend anytime soon (despite my parent's blessing...) unless something changes drastically in which case, you'll find out first. Well, you'll find out eventually. In any case, here are some of the quotes included in these conversations for your enjoyment:
"Actually I really wouldn't mind if you decided you want a boyfriend!"
"Now we know why mom wants Alyssa to get a boyfriend."
"No Alyssa, the order is boyfriend, marriage, then babies."
^^^for the record, I was in no way disputing this.
"As long as he keeps both hands on the wheel"
"Lets pull out our For Strength of Youth Pamphlets!"
"Just hurry up and clean your room so you can have a boyfriend."

my family is crazy, but I love them. (:

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